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Beginning with a fleet of only 5 aircraft in 1956, Vietnam Airlines has undergone a lot of changes to become what it is today. It was first known as Vietnam Civil Aviation and began flying as an independent airline soon after nationalizing Gia Lam Airport.In the more than next fifty years, has had many changes, and each company has developed, expanded and improved its service to become an airline of international standard.

The functions and tasks of our corporation covers the following areas: partnerships, services, transport of passengers and cargo, both nationally and internationally in accordance with the plans of civil aviation development: project development, investment, construction, funds insurance, leasing and aircraft purchase, equipment maintenance, export and import of materials, spare parts and raw materials for the business units of Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines today proudly operates a new fleet of 75 modern aircraft and air travel rises the next step in the level of quality and comfort. Representing the best of traditional Vietnamese culture and the latest innovative service customer, we connected nearly 53 destinations in Asia Pacific, Europe and U.S.


Silon Aviación was established in 1988 and has ever since maintained a strong positioning as a general sales agent in the Spanish Airline Market. 



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